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I've always been an admirer of the arts but didn't have the time or focus to express my own creativity.  That all changed 5 years ago when I took my first glass fusing class.  I fell in love with the form as a means of artistic expression.  Classes and tutorials led to the school of hard knocks where I learned various fused glass techniques through projects with my fair share of failures.  The failures keep you humble but the successes make you want to learn and do more. 


Now, I have my own studio where I create Functional and Display Fused Glass Art.  I design, hand cut, and fuse the glass in my kiln to between 1200F and 1575F.  I work with art glass, float (or window) glass, and dichroic glass (art glass with various metal coatings).


I've also expanded into jewelry design where I integrate Fused Glass with materials such as beads, metal accessories, wire, leather and paracord to create interesting bracelets, pendants,  necklaces, earrings, and purse holders.  

 I love art as a form of creative expression but it's most rewarding for someone else to see the beauty and possibility in a piece that I've created.  Having someone adorn a wall with your art or wear your jewelry is the highest compliment that can be paid.


Glass Blowing Tools
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